Thursday, April 21, 2011

The evidence is starting to mount against PUFAs and fructose. I am expecting to see a very big exodus from the use of PUFAs.  I can't imagine it is going to take too long in the day and age of the internet.

But what would a world without obesity look like?  I imagine it would be extremely competitive for those looking for dates.  There would be a HUGE reduction in healthcare costs.  Incredibly, lifespan would lengthen even further.  This may lead to a bit of a population boom.  Diet gurus would disappear (yeah!). 

I'm thinking that competition overall would be greater, not just in dating.  There would be a greater need to distinguish one's self in a highly competitive environment.  Once fat Betty and fat Bobby don't look so different, they might just kick some ass in business, entertainment, sports, and elsewhere in the world.

What about the price of coconut oil?  OMG!  Through the roof.

Do you have a prediction for when obesity disappears?  Leave a comment.

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