Saturday, April 23, 2011

The PUFAs and Fructose Reaction

I try to imagine it like this:

If you put a lit match up to a little puddle of gasoline, the gasoline will start on fire.  It is a common reaction that most people are familiar with.  Now imagine you have a huge puddle of gasoline that is sitting out on a hot day.  If you get anywhere near that gasoline with a lit match, it will have a much more violent or explosive reaction. 

Now imagine the little puddle of gasoline again but this time someone comes up to it with a flame thrower!  The little puddle will burn just like it did before.  The size of the fire doesn't make much difference in how the gasoline will react.  Same for the huge puddle of gasoline.

I imagine PUFAs to be like the gasoline and fructose to be like the fire.  A person could theoretically eat lots of fructose and if they only get a little bit of PUFAs, it won't make much of a difference.  However, if a person is consuming a lot of PUFAs then there is going to be a strong reaction to fructose in some people.  But it is not the fructose that is the bad guy.  It is the careless consumption of PUFAs in people who have a strong reaction.

PUFAs = BAD----Fructose = GOOD!

There has been such a vehement effort to attack HFCS and sugar and fructose that conspiracy theorists would have a heyday with my support of fructose.  Surely I must be a shill for the corn refiners.  One could almost buy that except I theorize that high PUFA oils (you know, like corn oil) are extremely bad products to put into food.  So I am canonizing and demonizing foods from the same source; corn. 

Actually, I don't think either one is truly bad.  They are both just food.  But the reaction of the two in some people is unmistakable.  If I had to pick which one to minimize in my diet, I would choose PUFAs. 

So don't throw gasoline all over your metabolism!  Keep your puddle small and enjoy the fire :)

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