Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4 Week Progress Report

After 4 weeks of limiting my PUFAs, I'm of the impression that reversing obesity shows more success if I incorporate increased fruit instead of with PUFA reduction alone.  I will list my weekly weigh-in totals so you can better see what is going on.  If you take these weekly totals and divide by 7 you can get the daily average weights.

1st week--1838.5 lbs.
2nd week--1846.5 lbs.
3rd week--1863 lbs.
4th week--1862 lbs.

As you can see there was a plateau to my weight gains after the third week.  At the end of the third week I had started to incorporate more fruit into my diet and I began eating every 3 hours.  This correlates to the truncation of my weight gains.

The problem with eating a high saturated fat and fructose diet is that it is kind of uncomfortable.  It feels like the food is heavy in the stomach.  Eating fruit for a couple meals is actually a kind of relief.  I've never been a big fan a fruit but it sure works well this way.

I have no strict rules on raw fruit.  I prefer raw fruit because I know it takes more energy to digest than cooked fruit.  There may be other benefits to eating raw fruit but I'm not as certain about those.  I can see this diet evolving into eating more fruit.  But I don't see myself becoming a full-on fruitarian.

I am also seeing evidence of the benefit of reducing all dietary fat.  It seems that there might be a magic fruit : fat ratio.  It may be dependent on the individual and as to how radically lean one wishes to become.  I'm sure one's activity level also plays a part in the calculation.

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