Saturday, May 21, 2011

Undoing the Damage

I am beginning to see the light on how obesity may be reversed.

1.  Raw foods.  The raw foods movement is not what I would consider healthy.  But there is something to raw foods that is useful for reversing obesity.  Raw food takes more energy to digest.  If you imagine eating 10 bananas, you can understand how much work goes into getting them into and out of your system.  10 bananas is about 1000 calories.  Now imagine drinking 1000 calories of soda pop.  The body would use much less energy to digest the soda pop than it would to digest the bananas.  That alone is a big selling point for raw foods.

2.  There is no magic macronutrient proportion.  If you have been eating low carb or low fat then you know what it is like to crave the foods you've been abstaining from.  Were you to "fall off the wagon" you would probably eat foods disproportionally high in the macronutrients you craved.  It is this weird insight the body has for obtaining the macronutrients it is low on that proves that there is no absolute correct proportion.  One's proportion of protein/fat/carbs is going to be highly individual and may even change daily in some cases.  Pay attention to what your are wanting to eat.

3.  Eating several meals a day is awesome.  I had my doubts about eating every 3 hours, but I'm a convert.  When I eat more often I have smaller portions and tend to not fill up.  I try to make some meals only fruit.  I also feel more in touch with what I'm wanting to eat.  It also teaches how to eat to anticipate and prepare for the next meal.  It's very different and I'm still learning from it.

4.  Let healthy eating evolve.  I started with foods I liked and I'm making changes to my diet over time to try out different foods.  I'm not in a panicked rush.  I'm pretty sure repairing one's metabolism after obesity is going to cause a temporary weight gain.  Might as well enjoy it for the first few weeks then make changes later. 

5.  Dietary fat is precious.  I see this diet becoming mostly meals of fruit with a few starchy meals using oils.  If one can only have oil a few times a day, better make it a good one; coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, or even animal fats in moderation.  I'll even accept other tropical oils.  But I avoid all of the other seed/nut oils.  Oils have got to be low PUFA.

I'll add to this list as I learn from my eating.  This is still an emerging process.

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