Thursday, June 7, 2012

650-Pound Virgin Regains Weight

I think it is completely obvious that Chris Powell had absolutely no understanding of what is causing obesity and what to do about it.  Obesity is not caused by a lack of exercise and exercising is not required to reverse obesity.  The all too common result is that David Smith regained his weight because he did not take the very simple steps of eating only during meal times and not eating when he is still full from the last meal.

So now the IDIOT Chris Powell has left David feeling guilt and shame and even suicidal because he misled David.  Should David be ashamed for following Chris's ineffective advice?  Absolutely not.  It is Chris Powell who should feel guilt and shame and even suicidal.  But Chris Powell is just as ignorant as most others and really cannot be blamed for the misunderstanding of obesity that is pervasive throughout our society.

David needs to understand that it is okay to eat as much as he wants.  He needs to understand that eating should be restricted to meal times only.  Eating is a basic human need and should not be a guilt issue.  It becomes a problem when one eats at indiscriminate times.  It can also be a problem when one eats when they still feel full from their last meal.  If Chris Powell had emphasized those two points as being the most important factors, David would probably not have regained his weight.

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