Monday, June 4, 2012

Banned By 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet!

The following was my introduction post for 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet.  They removed my comment and banned me from further posting (within minutes) after I wrote the following:

I will try to explain this real quick.

After I discovered what is causing the obesity epidemic, I wrote the explanation to it in my blog. If you want to read the original article you can Google it. My blog is called "PUFAs and Fructose" and the article is called "Obesity: My Unexpected Final Conclusion".

Obesity is not caused by "over" eating. It is caused by eating too often. The problem arises from insulin levels being elevated too high for too long. Elevated insulin levels prevent fat burning. The solution is to allow insulin levels to lower so that the body can use fat.

Dieting, surprisingly, is unnecessary. The important thing is to allow insulin levels to lower after eating. That takes time. If you eat a snack, you have just inhibited the process.

There are no magical calories that reduce body fat faster than eating nothing (the most common diet fallacy). You can verify that yourself by comparing how quickly you lose weight going on a fast versus eating some sort of "diet" foods. Body fat is ONLY reduced when insulin levels are low enough regardless of what foods you eat. Consuming calories ALWAYS slows down fat loss.

Although there are a variety of food preferences that people have, there is only one way to burn body fat. There may be certain foods that are more optimal nutritionally, but there is only one way to burn body fat. There may be certain foods that curb your appetite better than others, but there is only one way to burn body fat.

Body fat is only burned between meals after insulin levels are low enough. Read the article I wrote on my blog back on April 28, 2012. I'll be happy to discuss any questions you have.

Thank you,

Charles L. Peden

Most likely they had someone moderating who was not very competent.  I did not violate any of their rules that I know of.  They are free to censor comments and try to control information on their website to suit their purposes.  I guess I didn't correctly understand what their purpose is really supposed to be.

Here is the message I get now when I try to look at the site:

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.
Date the ban will be lifted: Never


  1. That is so bizarre! I just found your blog from 180 degree health and appreciate what you are saying a great deal. You make sense, thank you!

  2. Very interesting perspective. Rather than fat, carb, protein, specific types of them, or quantity of eating, is it the frequency of eating that causes body fat gain? I have actually noticed in most traditional cultures across the world (either experienced personally or read about them in detail) that the number of meals in a day was quite limited. Think about it. How many times can a hunter or 19th century farmer eat food? They have to work hard and only eat at specific times. Look at ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian texts which talk about this and you will notice the frequency of eating was quite low. Look at healthier societies now. Having said that, certain foods may affect your hunger in certain ways which is the more complicated part

  3. They banned me too for simply posting a link to an objective scientific site that did a study on an element found in onions and wasn't promoting any supplements or weight loss scams/trends.
    "3 fat chicks" is the diet blogging Gestapo.